Pete cowley: New Jersey, United States

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Pete Cowley is a veteran songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, performer and recording artist. After years of performing cover music with various bands, filling in on drums to assist friends for live performances or studio work and performing solo, the landscape had shifted, original music by indie artists had really taken hold globally. He decided it would be originals only, tapped into the many songs he had written through the years and began to seriously record his own material at his home studio.

Then after consulting with a friend, producer Jonah Brockman, they decided to begin putting together the "No Place To Land" album in Brockman's studio playing off the single of the same name and including the 2014 single "That Damn Car". Cowley also wrote several new songs appearing on that album which was released in 2016. He said it was so much fun that he decided he would challenge himself to write eleven new songs for another album.

So Cowley and Brockman began the recording process for

their second album together "Got The Cool" which was released in 2017, again received well internationally. According to Cowley "The international music community appears to have a desire and appreciation for indie music from America. So many here in the USA are running around with a guitar, great vocals and loaded with talent, which is a good thing."

In 2020 Pete released his third album with Jonah "Plain Brown Wrapper" which received a terrific surprise review from Rootstime which resulted in tens of thousands of streams of the album's tracks in 40 countries. "I really enjoyed listening back to that one in particular, we tried to simplify it a bit" Cowley said. Brockman stated "It's really an excellent representation of what he does, it's difficult to place him in a certain genre."


Cowley is currently working on the next studio album and plans for a live album as well as future performance dates.

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